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Should I do my Vampire Webcomic [Which happens to be mainly BxB] on my computer or pencils? 

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Modern Sailor Scout

Book 1 - Black Moon

Episode 1

My Time to Shine!

Within a small room, I squinted my eyes at the shining light that came through the window next to the bed. Having a peaceful sleep that changed drastically at the drop of a hat, for I suddenly bolted upright in bed. My eyes were wide and my breath quick, as if I had just finished a marathon. I took a single scan of the room and breathed a sigh, 'It was all a dream.' I rested my hand to my head, remembering the dream in full.

"What kind of dream was that? It real," I muttered as my eyes shifted to the blue clock that laid upon the bedside table next to me. Upon it's screen were the numbers, 7:30. It was morning and I felt a little disorianated. However, when I could think clearly, I noticed the time. "How did I sleep this late?!" I gasped in surprise, jumping out of bed. I rushed to my bathroom, deciding to take a shower after I got back back from school.

I brushed out my waist length dark brown hair and brushed my teeth in a hurriedly manner. After I had finished in the bathroom, I rushed to my closet, pulling on my uniform and then grabbed my bag from the desk chair. I stepped out of the room and ran down the stairs. Next to the front door was a woman with short brown hair, the same color as mine, she held a cloth bundle to which I grabbed as I pulled on my shoes. "Thanks, Oka-san" she smiled and rushed out the door, closing it behind.

As I rushed to the gate in front of out home, I heard a voice shout behind me, "Be sure to not fail the exam today!" I looked up to see a boy with black hair standing at a window upstairs. He had a large smirk on his face as if he were going to get a rise out of me.

"Sadly Cam, I am going to ace this test, unlike you" I laughed as I closed the gate. I smiled as I waved to my brother and rushed down the street. While on the street, I looked at my wristwatch and tried to run even faster. I wasn't late anymore but I didn't want to slow down and end up late. As I hurried down the sidewalk, I dashed past a girl who gave me an odd feeling of familiarty. I glanced back and all I could see was long golden hair that curled around her as it feel down her shoulders.

Blinking, I let the feeling go, however, it continued to bug me. I had also noticed with my short glance that she wore the same uniform as me, so she obviously went to the same school. I shook my head, trying to focus upon the task at hand and that was making it to school on time.


I rushed through the gates of the academy with time to spare and I finally slowed my pace. I took deep breaths of air as I walked across campus towards the doors leading into the building. I walked into my classroom, that being room 2-B, to which I see my usual classmates. None look up as I walk into the room, moving to a desk in the back by the window. I got along with everyone in class, but none of them were considered friends.

The day went by quickly, I took my exam and with the answers I chose, I felt I passed it. After my third class, it was time for lunch and I was glad to finally be able to dig into the lunch my mother had prepared for me. I took my leave of the classroom and headed outdoors, looking for a quiet place to eat. Upon looking for such a place, I saw a girl who appeared to hang away from everyone. I was sure that I had never seen her in the school before but I had this sneaking feeling that I had met her someplace.

She stood tall, her back against a tree. Her skin was a tan brown and from what I could see, her hair was short and pitch black. At moments when the wind decided to blow, I thought I saw flashes of purple in her hair. However, I shook the thought from my mind and continued on my way. I had to finish my lunch before the break period ended. With that thought in mind, I went about finding a place to eat.


At the final bell, I stretch in my seat, trying to get feeling back into my body. Once all packed up, I stood and headed for the door. I left the school grounds in a more relaxed manner than I was this morning. I had no where I needed to rush to so I wasn't about to hurry for no reason. I walked down the sidewalk and looked at the passing stores, stopping at a sweets shop. I did have a sudden craving for something sweet.

With that thought in mind, I walked into the shop, seeing the glass cases with rows of sweets set out. Cakes, pastries, candies and even donuts. I couldn't help but smile at the sight of them and looked them over.

"Can I help you?" a voice asked from behind the counter. I looked up to see a woman with shoulder-length light brown hair, she had it pulled into a ponytail tied to one side.

I smiled at her, "Ah, yes, I was thinking of getting some sweets for me and my brother" I replied.

The woman seemed to puzzle over what I had told her and then nodded to herself. "I think I have just the thing" she muttered, rushing through a door into the back. I stood waiting for her and she returned shortly with a tray in her hands. When she stepped to the counter once more, she showed me what was on the tray and I saw little brown balls with white powder dashed over them.

I tilted my head at them and looked to her once more, "What are they?"

She smiled boldly and set them down, "It's a caramel drop" she stated. She pointed to one, "It's creamy caramel dipped in soild chocolate with a dash of powder suger atop it. Something simple but has a kick of sweet to it."

I looked to them once more and nodded, "They sound lovely" I smiled, "How much for ten?"

The woman laughed and nodded, "Just 100 yen, I can see that you will be coming in here more often."

I smiled at her and pulled a 100 yen coin from my pocket. The woman rang it up and set about getting me a bag of ten caramel drops. A second female voice called from the backroom, "Hey Mom, what did you do with that tray of sweets I had here?"

"They are out here, sweety" the woman replied in a loud voice as she set the bag on the counter. "You enjoy your sweets" she smiled to me and waved to me as I left. I opened the store door and glanced inside, seeing a girl peek out of the back room. She had hair like her mother but longer, however, I had a sneaky suspicion I had seen here somewhere before. With that in mind, I left the store a little puzzled.

As I walked home, I passed by the stairs of the local shrine near my home. I stopped before them and looked up, I debated on going up and praying. Sighing, I took the stairs two at a time and upon reaching the top, I looked to the small shrine. I slowly walked towards it and upon standing before the bell, I rang it. Clapping my hands after the bells rang, I wished my father a nice day and turned to leave.

Before me stood a girl in a miko kimono, her hair being the strangest shade of blonde, for you could tell she was Japanese. Her hair reach well past her waist and was in a clean cut style, her bright green eyes watching me. I had the strange feeling that she knew me and seemed to be debating on talking to me or not. However, I did not give her the chance, as I rushed past her and headed back down the stairs.

After that, I rushed home, a little confused by what had happened. As I begin to think back on it, I realize that I have had the same feeling since this morning. I had felt like I had seen girls that I had seen before, even though I was sure I had never met them before in my life.

As I began to near the corner to my home, I looked up to see a black and white cat sitting upon the wall at the corner. I paused in my walking to stare at the cat, who seemed to be watching me intensely with her yellow-green eyes. My eyes trailed away from the cat's eyes to see what looked like a crescent moon mark upon her forehead. I felt a strange shiver run down my spine and I looked away, continuing on my way.

I turned the corner and walked up to the gate, heading through it and to my house, opening the door. As I stepped in, I took my shoes at the door and walked into the living room, "Cam, I got sweets." The four girls who seemed to be familiar as well as that cat with the crescent moon occupied my mind, I couldn't seem to shake it from my head. As my brother headed down the stairs, I handed him the bag, suddenly not interested in eating them anymore.

I walked past him and up the stairs, heading to my room. After I had closed my door behind me, I laid down upon the bed, I felt as if I should be remembering something. After some thought, I once more went back to the cat, which caused my eyes to widen and to sit up on the bed. "A crescent moon? There's no way..." I muttered, my mind heading towards a TV show I used to watch when I was younger.

I rested my head into one of my hands, trying to get my head around the idea. "There's just no way..." I mumbled to myself, "She isn't real. THEY aren't real. It had all just been a silly show, a cartoon..." I couldn't seem to wrap my head around it and I felt even more lost. I could see the sun was fading from my bedroom window and I sighed. I knew that I would have to do the homework I had before going down to eat dinner.

I went about pulling my textbooks from my bag and set them on the table in the middle of the room. I sat down at the table and puzzled over what I should start on first. However, I didn't even get to start as I heard a loud 'meow' behind me. Turning my head, I found that same black and white cat sitting on my bed.

I just sat there staring at her, wondering what was going to happen next. If this was anything like the TV show, the cat would suddenly begin to speak in front of me. However, that never happened, we just sat there, staring at each other. I eventually got tired of the staring contest and turned around, going back to my studies. I suddenly hear purring and something rubbing my arm.

I look under my arm to see that cat rubbing on me, purring like no tomorrow. "Are you just looking for attention?" I asked more out of habit than anything, feeling her rub me. I sighed and picked the cat up in my arms. "You sure are weird" I laughed, "Rubbing up against a complete stranger." I petted her head a bit and she raised her face to mine. I closed my eyes out of reflex and felt something cold upon my forehead.

After that, the cat jumped from my arms and onto my bed. I blinked as I reached up to feel my forehead, nothing was there. I looked to the cat again with a puzzling expression and saw something in her mouth. It was a chain...with my heart shaped pendent upon it. "Hey!" I shouted as I jumped to my feet. The cat jumped up onto the window sill, obviously being where it had gained entry. The cat looked at me once more with her yellow-green eyes and then jumped out the window, my locket in tow.

"Wait!" I shouted as I dashed out my door. I quickly made it down the stairs and to the door, stepping out. I took a quick scan of the area and saw the black and white cat rushing off down the street. I followed after her as fast as I could but I found myself unable to catch her. The cat had me running for quite some time before she started to slow down. I slowly caught my breath as I finally closed the distance between us. After seeing that the cat had stopped, I cautiously approached her to see she wasn't going to run off again.

As soon as I made it so that I was only a few feet from her, she dropped the pendent, stepping back a bit. Realizing that the chash was over, I walked over to my necklace and picked it up, smiling lightly as I brushed whatever dust it had gained. It was then that I heard a bell toll and I looked up, wondering where it had come from. I could not figure out where the sound was coming from but it caused a reaction in my pendent, causing it to shine unexpectedly.

"What is-?" I started but was cut off by a second voice.

"You are a Guardian, as you hold that role, you must protect this planet and it's people," the voice said, it was female in tone with a deep purr to it. I looked over to where the cat had been to find a woman in what appeared to be elegent clothing. I gasped at the sudden appearance of this woman, she had long black hair with white roots, her yellow-green eyes shimmering in the street light. "You are the Soldier of the Moon, protected and guided by the light which watches the night," she told me, walking towards me.

My mind told me to run and never look back but I was somehow rooted in place, unable to even look away from this mysterious woman. It was then that I saw the golden crescent moon upon her tanned forehead. Shocked by the realization that this woman could possibly be the cat whom I had been chasing, I felt myself take a step back. However, my reaction was took late and she took hold of my shoulders. She smiled tenderly at me and leaned down, kissing my forehead.

Once more shocked, I was able to back away from her and I reached up to my forehead, to which I felt a shape forming. I looked back up at her and she looked at me with determination, "There is evil afoot and you are the only one who can stop it." She pointed to the necklace I had in my hand and I looked down at it. "That will assist in your fight. Raise it above your head and shout 'Moon Prism Power', you will then become the Soldier of the Moon." I stared at her like she had lost her mind.

Once more I looked down at the locket in my head and found myself thinking it was something more special than just a pendent I had found laying in the sandbox. I looked to he woman once more and sighed, nodding slowly. I had no idea what was going on but if this was real, then I had no right to refuse my role. With a slow breath, I gently raised the pendent above my head, "Moon Prism Power!</b>" A gem in the center of the pendent began to glow and I found myself gasping as I felt it's light seeming to evolp my whole body.

In an instant, the whole world blacked out, leaving me in a space that I could not see or hear in. However, I could still feel and I felt naked. As if pushed by an unknown force, I had spread out my arms and legs, a light shining from the center of my chest. Blinding pink ribbons flowed out of the light, which wrapped around my torso and lower body. With a single blinding flash, a white leotard formed in place of the ribbons over my body.

I raised my arms without my brain structing them, more pink ribbons wrapping around them from the eblow down. At the same time, I felt something wrap around my legs, most likely more ribbons, to which wrapped from the knee down. After a second blinding flash, white gloves formed with red bands around my elbows and knee high red boots with a single white strip trimming the top. My body spun lightly which caused sparkles to form around my neck, along the top of the leotard and around my waist. After a simple small flash, a blue skirt and collar formed in place of the sparkles with a blue chocker like necklace around my neck. There were also some red bows, one of which was on my chest and the other on the back of my waist.

Suddenly some unknown wind blew out my long brown hair and I felt it pulled into two pigtails at the nape of my neck. I could see the pink ribbons fly behind me and was blinded once more by a third flash. I spun once more as light gathered upon my forehead, my ears, on the chocker and upon the bow on my chest. I had closed my eyes to the blinding light and felt earrings form in my hears and something tracing around my head.

When next I opened my eyes, I found myself back in the world that was home. I blinked as I looked to see the woman had disappeared. I looked to my hands to see white gloves upon them and I looked around, finding a dark store window. I walked over and saw someone who could not be me. I touched the glass and the person before me did the same. "Is" I gasped. It was then that I noticed my hazel eyes had been replaced with purple ones, "What?"

"You have now gained the form of a Guardian," a voice spoke, which came from the ground level. I looked down to see the black and white cat was back, "You must protect these people from the evil that is already here."

"" I asked her, already coming to the assumption that this cat had been that woman from before.

"You are the Soldier of the Moon, you will remember all your training when the event calls for it" she then looked at me closely and sighed a little, "It would appear you have not fully awakened. Your form is very weak compared to how you once were."

I raised my brow at her statement but decided to not ask about it, for it was something for another time. "You say a great evil, but where is it? Who am I fighting?" I questioned, I felt like I was missing a lot of pieces to this complicated puzzle.

"Come, I will guide you," she responded and darted towards the park across the street.

I took a breath, trying to focus my mind and followed after her, "This have better not be a dream," I muttered. As I followed close behind the cat, whose name I still have not been told, "Umm, what should I call you?" I called out to her.

I heard a slight chuckle from ahead of me, "You may address me as 'Luna', I have no other name."

I nodded slowly and smiled, "Luna, I like it" I whispered gently to myself. But this moment of peace was shattered at a scream echoing through the forest, as if it was bouncing off the nearby trees. I looked in the direction of the scream and looked to Luna. She stared at me with a hidden meaning in her eyes and I nodded. I rushed off towards the scream, a second one being my guide. 'Please be alright.'
MSS-B1 Episode 1: My Time to Shine!
And now onto chapter one of the revised series. To think I have 3 or 4 stories planned out for this one series and I'm not even halfway through the first one yet. This arc may take a while with the rate I am going at. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this new revised version of chapter one, I've changed quite a bit of it to better fit with my idea of the story.

Also, it would seem that I have left off on quite a different cliffhanger than I had in the previous version. Before it was sudden, this time it seemed more like it was an episode of the show. Well, I hope you guys enjoy this rewrite, it took me a lot longer to get through it but that was more along the lines of me being busy. This will probably be more of a weekly update, possibly being posted on random days, but if it gets to take too long at a certain point, I will set myself a date so that I can make it out. Anyway, tell me what you think of the story now.

Disclaimer: I do not own the show/manga/game that is Sailor Moon. That solely belongs to Naoko and Teoi Animations. I only claim ownership of my characters as well as the plot for this story, as I have gone off my own as well as my friends ideas.

Modern Sailor Scouts Rewrite

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 5, 2014, 1:46 AM
To my watchers, they are sure to have already noticed the updated version of the prologue of my first Sailor Moon fanfiction, Modern Sailor Scouts.

Yes, I am doing a rewrite of this story. On here, I have only manage to update up to Chapter 3 of the book, however, on my main story writing site, being, I am up to Chapter 11. 

My Story on Fanficiton -…

Being barely halfway through the first book, I feel that I need to rewrite the current chapters in order for them to be up to my current writing style. So I will be focusing solely on this for the next few months or so, hopefully with me rewriting this story, it will supply me with the inspiration for continuing it.

If you wish to blame anything for my sudden urge to work on it, blame Sailor Moon Crystal, after watching episode 7, I just suddenly wanted to work on rewriting it. 

Which is saying something, since I started working on it at 2 in the morning. 

If you wish to keep the most update, go to, for that will be my first update. You may want to check everyday for I happen to have a day off school and work tomorrow, so I may end up working on it all day. 

Anyway, I would like to know what you guys think of this going on, hopefully I will get through all 11 chapters within a few weeks. It shouldn't take that long, as the prologue only took me a little over an hour to rewrite. 

Hope to hear from you soon. 

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Modern Sailor Scouts

Book 1 - Black Moon


Darkening of the Moon

A young woman in her late teens stared upon a blue and green orb in the black yet starry sky. Her long dark brown hair which reached well past her thighs flew in the night wind, two braids hanging just before her ears. She shifted her hazel brown eyes over her slender shoulders to the doorway behind her, listening to the gentle yet joyful music playing in the background. She shifted her position as she stood at the railing around the balcony, dreading the fact that she would have to return to the ballroom once more.

'How I hate dances...' she thought, a frown clearly forming on her slightly pink lips. She found herself sighing, leaning forward against the railing before her. She could not take her eyes off that blue and green orb before her, she felt a sort of longing for the beautiful sphere. The wind blew once more, causing her gold and red dress to fly around her legs. As she sighed once more, she resigned herself to going back to the ballroom behind her.

However, even before she could even stand up straight, she felt a pair of arms circle over her shoulders. She let the warmth upon her bare back envelope her as she sighed in content.

"Princess," a voice spoke behind her, it was that of a male, being a deep tone but also gentle. She turned to look at the man before her, he had a tall figure with a very strong yet lean body. She found herself leaning against the firm body as she lifted her arms up, letting her hands run through his short midnight blue hair. Her eyes locked with his deep emerald, a gentle smile tracing his lips as he looked upon her.

"My Prince" she murmured, holding him tight.

He leaned down as he held her tightly in return, "My Moon Princess" he whispered into her ear.

She couldn't help but smile as she could feel the warmth in his words, words that expressed his affection towards her, his devotion and even more, his deep seated love. "I haven't seen you in forever, my love," she spoke in a hush tone. "Where have you been?" she asked in pure innocence.

However, with that one question, the smile had vanished. His lips had turned to a frown and his eyes held a look of worry in them. The change puzzled her and caused her own face to change to that of concern.

"My love?" she puzzled, hoping for an answer.

At first, he seemed to have trouble trying to think of something to say. She could clearly see how conflicted he was and when she felt his hold tighten on her, she tilted her head at his actions. "I have come to see you," he breathed heavily, "One last time..." He sounded as if he were in pain when he spoke, "I wanted to be with you."

Worry and confusion formed within the pale princess' eyes, "I don't understand" she confessed.

She felt him shake his head, which rested upon her shoulder. She held him in her arms, feeling as if the man she loved had been reduced to a frightened child. "Neither do I, but I feel something," he lifted his head to look into her eyes once more. "Something is coming. I must do my duty and protect my people..." he paused in his statement, turning his face from her.

She felt a sense of worry rush over her and she reach up, holding a hand to his check as she turned his face to her once more, "You can tell me."

He sighed heavily, his eyes holding a look of pain as he looked upon her, "I I would never see you again."

She smiled gently, it was a sad smile but a smile nevertheless. "Everything will be fine my love," she told him, "Whatever it is that is coming, we will defeat it like all the rest. We will protect all the kingdoms."

He smiled at her, however, it was not his usual smile, it was one of pain and sadness. She pulled him into an embrace, lifting up her head towards him. He looked at her softly before taking her lips with his, kissing her gently. The kiss felt to have lasted a lifetime and it should of, for the kiss was to be remembered for just a long. When they parted, the two simply stood there, arms locked around each other and eyes staring deeply.

"We will survive this, I believe it so" she told him, the warmth and faith true in her words.

She saw him smile a beautiful smile, "I shall believe it too" he whispered in return, holding her tightly once more. At last, she let him release her from his hold and the two simply held hands.

"I will see you soon, my love" she told him, gently squeezing his hands in reassurance. He simply smiled in return, nodding his head that caused his raven hair to bounce.

The two tried to not let the other go but they knew that eventually this moment would have to end. With that thought in mind, his hands let go of hers. Her hands shifted to her chest, holding them together over her heart.

"I love prince" she spoke with longing, already beginning to miss his warmth.

"I, too, My Moon Princess" he replied and he turned, his black cape flying behind him as he departed.

As she watched him go, she felt a sort of ache in her chest. Long after he had disappeared from her sight, she suddenly felt a violent tremble take over the ground under her feet. It felt as if the ground below was ready to give way under her. The rumbling ground caused her to loose her balance as she fell to her knees, bracing herself against the railing beside her.

She could hear the screams of frightened guest and townsfolk, pounding feet and shouts of the guards to head for safety. Amid the chaos, she looked towards the opening into the ballroom to see flashes of colors she recognized, to which she called out to. "MARS! VENUS! MERCURY! JUPITER!"

At her shouts, four girls turned in her direction, all varying in color. Upon one of them pointing to her and another seeming to speak, the four rush over to the princess. "My Lady, are you hurt?" a girl dressed in red questioned, her long straight blonde hair pooled around her as she knelt down beside the princess. She looked at the Princess with worry in her cerulean blue eyes.

The second girl in blue, who had long golden hair curling over her shoulders and down her back, spoke behind the girl in red, "Mars, we must get her Highness to safety."

The third in the group looked around them, keeping an eye past the balcony, making sure it wasn't about to fall with the shaking. Her short black hair trailed slightly down the back of her neck, "I agree with Mercury, it is not safe here" she muttered.

Mars nodded as she helped the Princess to her feet, "Understood, Jupiter. Let's move." The ground began to move when they noticed one had not moved from her position. Jupiter turned back to the other female, her green dress flaring with the sharp turn.

A girl with long light brown hair looked past the railing, she appeared to be fixated upon something else. Her brown eyes seemed to be frozen in a look of horror. "Venus?" Mars called to the female clad in orange.

"Look!" she pointed to the blue and green orb to which the Princess had been looking upon before. The once beautiful sphere was slowly turning to a shade of gray that covered the entire expanse of the orb.

"Nooo!" The Princess shouted, her heart seemed to crush within her chest as she felt a sudden heart wrenching pain. She broke free from the group of girls surrounding her, running to the railing surround the balcony. She reached out her hands towards the darkening sphere, as if she could reach it with her fingertips.

Venus walked towards the desperate Princess and rested her hands upon her shaking shoulders. Upon that simple touch, the Princess violently turned around and feel into Venus' arms, letting her tears and cries out. All of the girls moved around her, feeling her pain and sorrow in those cries. They stood there in silence until they felt that the Princess was ready.

However, before her cries could settle down, the five of them heard a series of clapping from a single individual. Four of the girls turned their attentions towards the doorway which led into the castle. Before them was a group, it consisted of 3 males and 2 females, however, another figure stood to the back out of sight. All but one of the individuals wore masks, a male wore half a mask, covering only his eyes. Upon his lips was a deep smirk, one of which spoke of pure evil intent.

Of the two women, who both seemed similar with their similar style hair, aside from the fact one female had red hair that looked like fire and the other having crystal like blue hair. The two masked males looked entirely different, one lean with dark hair and the other with a large build and golden hair. The figure in the background could not be distinguish aside from the fact they had what appeared to be a dark brown hair color. The final male, with his half mask, held himself in a very noble manner, his long silver white hair falling down his back in a curtain like fashion.

The four girls before the Princess changed their positions in a formation of defense, ready to protect her. The white male simply grinned and the ground shook violently once more, causing all five of the girls to fall to their knees as they lost their balance.

A high-pitched laugh was heard and the girls looked up to see the red haired girl. "That's right, knell before your new-found King" she sneered harshly. However, the blue female next to her shushed her, appearing as if she were shaking her head at the other.

The white haired male moved forward, as if his eyes were locked onto the Princess. The four girls moved to stop him but he blew them back with a slight flick of his wrist, sending them against the railing of the balcony. The Princess pulled her pendent from around her neck but before she could do anything with it, he had grabbed hold of her wrist. She whimpered in pain as he squeezed her wrist tightly, causing her to drop her pendent.

He smirked as he pulled her up off the ground and into his arms, locking an arm around her waist as he continued to hold her wrist. His masked eyes stared deeply into her brown orbs as she struggled against him. "You are mine now," he spoke in a deep yet hushed tone. At that command, he leaned down towards her lips, intent on taking them. However, before they could meet, a flash of light blinded him, thus knocking him back and loosing his hold upon the Princess.

When the white haired male looked to find the Princess missing from his sight, he hurriedly looked for her. He found her within the arms of a dark haired male who stood upon the balcony rail. The white haired male growled as he pointed at him, "You are suppose to be dead!" he shouted in anger.

The Princess looked up upon the male who held her and felt a sudden wave of relief fall over her, "My love!" she gasped in joy. He gently looked down upon her, smiling that warm smile of his before directing his attention once more to the people before them. The four girls pushed themselves to their feet, happy to see their Princess' love there to help them.

An angry screech was heard and they looked to see the red haired female was shaking in fury. She looked ready to pounce when the white haired waved at her. It obviously was a signal, for she and the blue haired female vanished from their sights. The two males also disappeared in a similar fashion. "I will find you, my Angel," he muttered and called up an orb of white and black energy within the palm of his hand, thus sending it into the ground before him. It caused the ground to tremble once more and the balcony before him gave way, sending the 6 of them down towards the lake below. All she could feel was the warmth of her lover's arms around her before the scene faded to black.
MSS-B1 Prologue: Darkening of the Moon
As many of you know now, I am rewriting this story. I was happy with the way it was before, but I feel that I could do so much better with the skills I have gained as of now. With that thought in mind, I plan on adding lots of things to this story as well as maybe remove and review a few things that may not be needed. I hope you guys continue to support me in this and hopefully with this re-writing I'll be able to continue the story.

On another note, I will like to state that I am changing one or two characters names. Kimberly, or also known as Kim, will now be known as Kailee, often going by Kai. I will also be switching the writing style to first person, as I feel that it would be better told from Cassie's point of view. But that will only be from chapter 1, the prolouge will not be written in first person. Dreams will always be written in third person.

Disclaimer: I do not own the show/manga/game that is Sailor Moon. That solely belongs to Naoko and Teoi Animations. I only claim ownership of my characters as well as the plot for this story, as I have gone off my own as well as my friends ideas.
Bleach Persona - Satu's Bankai Form by leopup13
Bleach Persona - Satu's Bankai Form
This is what Satukoshou looks like when she fully activates Shinsei-Kitai Bankai. I hope you guys like it, I don't have everything quite planned out about what her Bankai entails. Once I have planned out more, I will
Bleach Zanpakuto - Shinsei-Kitai by leopup13
Bleach Zanpakuto - Shinsei-Kitai
This is the spirit within Satu's zanpakuto, Shinsei-Kitai. Her name means Sacred Hope. She is one of the only dark skinned spirits. She is most noticeable from her brown skin and pure blue wings which are made of fire. Another significant trait is her white hair and almost black eyes. 

She currently belongs to Satukoshou Kurotsuki.
This is Satu's Bankai Form.

Please give your opinions on her, for I would love to know how she turned out. 

Shinsei-Kitai belongs to leopup13
DO NOT take her or anything within this picture, for it belongs solely to me. 


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United States
I am Exousia, the Headmaster of KeybladeAcademy. I am also the White House (Final) Master. I have control of forgotten nightmares and use my keyblades, 'Lost Nightmare' and 'Sweet Dreams'.

Personal Quote: Upon this Land of Learning, I must live through my Living Nightmares.

I do Points Commissions

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Modern Sailor Scouts Rewrite

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 5, 2014, 1:46 AM
To my watchers, they are sure to have already noticed the updated version of the prologue of my first Sailor Moon fanfiction, Modern Sailor Scouts.

Yes, I am doing a rewrite of this story. On here, I have only manage to update up to Chapter 3 of the book, however, on my main story writing site, being, I am up to Chapter 11. 

My Story on Fanficiton -…

Being barely halfway through the first book, I feel that I need to rewrite the current chapters in order for them to be up to my current writing style. So I will be focusing solely on this for the next few months or so, hopefully with me rewriting this story, it will supply me with the inspiration for continuing it.

If you wish to blame anything for my sudden urge to work on it, blame Sailor Moon Crystal, after watching episode 7, I just suddenly wanted to work on rewriting it. 

Which is saying something, since I started working on it at 2 in the morning. 

If you wish to keep the most update, go to, for that will be my first update. You may want to check everyday for I happen to have a day off school and work tomorrow, so I may end up working on it all day. 

Anyway, I would like to know what you guys think of this going on, hopefully I will get through all 11 chapters within a few weeks. It shouldn't take that long, as the prologue only took me a little over an hour to rewrite. 

Hope to hear from you soon. 

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